Fully INTEGRATED Modules

sign in out

Visitor Management System

VISITOR, VOLUNTEER, STAFF and STUDENT Sign In/Out Management System.  Visitor cross reference National SEX Offense Database.  Great for A+ Students tracking between campuses.




Transportation - Bus

Know exactly who should be on the bus with our DAILY BUS MANIFESTS.  Easily  Communicate to the drivers or the transportation staff all daily changes from parents and/or any last minute changes with text notifications.

TEacher page

Classroom Communication

SECRETARIES... NO MORE paging, hand written notes, emails or class visits.  Easily and seemlessly communicated daily DISMISSALS with teachers. Teachers...Stay focused on instruction and not dimissal management!


red green


Simple and Easy to use EMERGENCY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM featuring First Response Dashboard, Fast Roll-call and After event Reunification tools to dismiss student to authorized caregivers.  Perfect tool for Drill Management.


After School

The latest in Student Afterschool Management Systems.  Roll-call and Dismissal to authorized caregivers at a touch of a button.  Create reports for enrollment and funding purposes.  Unlimited Afterschool Programs available.




Car Line

Secure and AUTOMATED Car Line System.  Release staff will love it!  100% accountability with easy to use human verification tools.  Increase SAFETY and EFFICIENCY, while reducing chaos.



We know where the "Rubber Meets The Road"

Over the past 10 years, we work with all K12 stake holders to understand each NEED through extensive research.   Our product development culture provides for ongoing improvements to student accounting.   Student accounting is ALL DAY, EVERY DAY with EVERY STAKEHOLDER:

Principals       Secretaries    Transport Staff

Teachers         IT/IS Staff (SIS Data Sync)

AfterSchool Staff       Safety Staff (SRO)

A+ (Cadet Teacher, etc Staff)      Carline Staff...

Kid ACCOUNT  - When knowing is critical!

Kid Account provides daily, 100% accountability down to the last student. Student accounting is EVERY STUDENT, ALL DAY, EVERY DAY.   We provides live daily reports of all student accounting including:

Bus routes           *            Carline                  *          Afterschool

Sign Outs               *         Sign In / Tardy     *          Attendance

Walkers                  *          Walk ups                   *          Early Outs