" It is really amazing what Kid Account has created.  They are true innovators in Visitor Management, School Safety, Office-to-Class Communications and Dismissals.  It's so easy and our staff love it."

Dr. Sam Duncan, Superintendent

New Madrid County RI School District

“(KIDaccount) is not only easier, but it’s safer…it not only keeps kids off the street, but it makes sure they know where to go.”

  • Brad Owings, Principal – Poplar Bluff Middle School

“I’m most impressed that KIDacount can instantly provide specific information about all souls in the building.  First responders are prepared more than ever during emergencies with KIDaccount!”

  • Officer Anthony Roberts SRO, IT, New Madrid R1 School District

“I would highly recommend KIDaccount, for anybody that’s at the forefront of an elementary school, or any other school.  It helps to keep our kids SAFE, and It’s EASY.”

  • Teresa Radcliff,  Front Office, Clippard Elementary School, Cape Girardeau, MO

“It’s really disconcerting to get a phone call, at say, 4:00 that says ‘my kid didn’t get off the bus,’ or, ‘my kid didn’t make it home.’  So if somebody calls me and says, ‘I don’t know where my kid is,’ I can now say, using (KIDaccount), that I know they got off, with so & so…”

  • Brad Owings,  Principal, Poplar Bluff Middle School

“KIDaccount has given us that accountability piece to be able to print off those reports and be able to tell you where every student has gone and who has picked them up.  And the safety factor, it is providing peace of mind for the parents and for the teachers and administrators, and for the students themselves, that we are putting their safety first.”

  • Principal Amy Emmenderfer, Cape Girardeau Schools

“It has been a peace of mind knowing that (the students) have a direct line from the office, from their parent, and that they KNOW how they’re getting home that day.”

  • Poplar Bluff, Front office Secretary  (KFVS News Coverage)

“…the end of the day doesn’t have to end in chaos.  The end of the day can be as organized as any other part of the school day.”

  • Darrin Neels, Clippard Elementary Dismissal Staff

“Thank you so much for listening to us and adjusting to fit our needs! The office has been a much happier place since we started using KIDaccount! :-)”

  • Taylor Armes, Front Desk Admin, Poplar Bluff Middle School.

“Prior to the (KIDaccount) system being installed, I never knew where to meet (my daughter)…and at any time someone could have walked up & grabbed her.  Now I know exactly when she is coming out, I know exactly what lane I need to bin in to pick her up, and it’s worked out wonderfully”

  • Missy Smith, Parent and PTO president, Clippard Elementary School

“Since KIDaccount…the ease of use, the compatibility between the parents and teachers, has worked really well…and SAFETY – it’s a no-brainer, you never have to worry about when they’re gunna come out, where they’re going to go; you know they are going to come right to you.”

  • Officer Darin Hickey, Parent and Cape Girardeau Police Office, Clippard Elementary School