Our Story

Kid Account was initially established as a subsidiary of of Midcom Technologies, which was established in 1998 by Andy Petty, as a K-12 communications service provider.  The company quickly migrated to a security and applications integrator and IT/IS consultant.  With over 20 year of experience in the K12 security and communication market, Kid Account leverages its extensive experience to build software applications, providing security tools to schools districts throughout the country.

KidAccount is a result of decades of knowledge and know-how, servicing the K12 market.  The culture of research, development and customer service powers Kid Account to this day.

Our growing team of passionate experts continue to provide a solid and secure infrastructure for superior products and services.

Management Team


Keith Petty

President & CEO

Keith has over 20 years of K12 integration products and services experience. He received his Mechanical/Aerospace Engineering degree from the University of Missouri in 1994.  After years in engineering, Keith continued his creative passions in marketing and product development for Rubbermaid and Little Tikes Commercial Play Systems.  His vast experience in product management, development, and engineering offered the perfect environment for successful multimillion dollar product lines, while leading product teams to successfully integrate new products to K12 school districts, municipalities, parks and rec and companies such as McDonald’s and Chick-Fil-A.  Keith moved from the corporate world to entrepreneurship and founded Midcom Technologies (Est. 1998) with his tech integration guru father Andy, (subsequently, Kid Account - 2015), which is headquartered in Farmington, Missouri.  For the past 15 years, Keith has been focused on K12 - School Safety, such as software applications, data security, communications, access control and surveillance.  Keith resides in Farmington, Missouri, where he enjoys time with his family and business.

Email:   kpetty@kidaccount.com


Tim Picture

Tim Duggan

Chief Operating Officer

Tim began his entrepreneurial career in 1987 with a corporate housing company that was focused on process management, customer satisfaction, team culture and the pursuit of excellence. He founded the industry’s first trade association and earned many awards as a young entrepreneur.  Since then, Tim has owned and operated several other enterprises including a business management software system for the last 12 years.

His extensive experience with process driven software design offers substantial infrastructure management and organizational intelligence which continues to help propel KIDaccount to a leading role in the school safety and student accountability industry.

Tim resides in St Louis, MO where he enjoys life with his family and friends.


Email:  tduggan@kidaccount.com


Robert Dickey

Chief Technology Officer

Robert has been developing a variety of software application for over 12 years.  His experience with K-12 development has been a huge asset for the KIDaccount Product Development team.  Robert received his Computer Science degree in 2011 with a focus on software applications and industrial data networking.  He has developed many custom applications for commercial and enterprise level security and surveillance systems, along with integrated communication applications within the K-12 industry.  Robert resides in Farmington, MO and enjoys spending time with his family.